Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The unretouched cover of Fantastic Four #38

Back to the normal programming, after the April's fool ;)
Here is the published cover for Kirby's Fantastic Four #38

The original version, as usual published in Italy in the early '70s, was slightly different

Let's see them side by side to better spot the differences

Various modifications have been done to the original. Most notably in the aircraft used by the frightful four. I can understand why: in the original drawing there seems to be no space inside the aircraft to accommodate for the four people, especially Wizard and Sandman. So the window has been moved inward and rotated, while Medusa's hair have been redrawn (I like the original hair better).

While Reed an Sue have not been touched, The Human Torch figure has been cut and pasted over changing his direction, while The Thing has been redrawn in the act of throwing the rock, which has not been redrawn.

I have no idea who did the retouching.

Interestingly, one house-ad of that time previewed the unretouched version

Dario Bressanini

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