Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ditko's original cover of Amazing Spider-Man #35, modified by Kirby

Jack Kirby was incredibly fast with the pencils and often, when he was working for Marvel Comics, he would draw or modify covers of series assigned to other artists.

In 1966 The Amazing Spider-Man was still drawn by Steve Ditko, who will quit with #38. This is the cover Ditko prepared for #35, as published in Italy in L'Uomo Ragno #29.

However, this is not the cover published in USA. Someone at Marvel did not like the -let's say "peculiar"- pose of spidey, and asked Jack Kirby to correct it. The final cover, as published in AMS #35 is this

I have to admit that I like more the modified cover (even if Spidey has two left feet ;) ). Here a comparison side by side of the two

If you look closely you will notice that Kirby also modified Molten's costume. Maybe the one drawn by Ditko was too small ;)

Here is the detail of the costume, in red Kirby's retouched version

Dario Bressanini

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