Monday, February 3, 2014

Reconstruction of a double splash page (4) - Captain America #105

If you remember my little reconstruction project we left our double splash page from Captain America #105 at this stage
This time I will take care of the two panels that, as you can see, are not perfectly aligned. If you remember at the beginning of this project I cut the inner borders of the two panels, and saved in separate layers. Now, for this intermediate project, I like to make those layers visible again. I think it is great to see Captain America jumping out of the panel. It could be a poster by itself. We only need to align the left and right panels.
We can stretch a little the two panels to adjust them to the right place.
Let's use the marquee tool to select the top left panel just above Cap's leg.

Now drag the top side to align it with the top right panel

Do the same with the bottom right panel, and voilĂ  :)

Isn't it great?

Dario Bressanini

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