Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reconstruction of a double splash page (2) - Captain America #105

Time to start with our little Kirby's Captain America #105 double splash project.

We start by cutting the unnecessary white left border from the right panel. Then cut the left line margin from the right panel and the right line margin from the left panel, but don’t throw them away. Instead save them in a separate layer. We might reuse them later

We will start reconstructing the leg and the boot.

I am NOT an artist, so I will not draw the missing parts, unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead I will "clone" as much as possible Kirby's elements to reconstruct the missing art. Use the lasso tool (or your favorite selection tool) and roughly select the left side of the upper part of the boot

Make a new layer via copy. Reflect it horizontally, rotate and position it in a place that "looks right"

Set, then use the brush and the eraser to fix the borders

Now the leg: we need to find, in the drawing, a line that we can use to reconstruct the missing part.
Again, select a portion of the leg, make a new layer from copy

Position it and erase the portion that you selected but is not useful anymore

Fill the white with the same blue color, and here it is

What do you think?

See you next time Dario Bressanini

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